• Signs in Winter
    Signs in Winter
    Our Sign Against a perfect Winter Kansas Sky
  • The Chicken Queen
    The Chicken Queen
    Some Might say we're crazy, But we say we were just drawn that way!
  • God Bless our Coop
    God Bless our Coop
    At Chicken Mary's you will find many unique chicken related items.
  • Mary's Choice
    Mary's Choice
    Mary's Choice with the original sides is Mary's original dinner! Sporting a Breast, Leg, Thigh, Wing and Back, and a generous serving of our German Potato Salad, German Slaw and Spaghetti guarantees you wont be left wanting after this meal!
  • Carting in Style
    Carting in Style
    The Catering crew Parked The Baja Competition at PSU in Summer 2017
  • Hours
    Hand Painted many years ago, Our Hours
  • Sign in a Field of Blue
    Sign in a Field of Blue
    Our Sign Against a perfect Kansas Sky